Rithet Coffee Company is a specialty coffee roaster committed to supporting your organization's coffee requirements. This includes restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and retail stores. Our wholesale program includes everything from supplying you with quality coffees & equipment, to training your staff & servicing your equipment. 

Are you interested in getting quality coffee for your office? Click here for information on Rithet Coffee Company's office coffee program.


Currently, Rithet Coffee Company has created six unique blends of coffee. Click here to see our current portfolio of coffees. (We also have the ability to create a custom blend of coffee for you and customers). 


To brew a great cup of coffee, great beans, the right blend, the right roast are critical ingredients. However, once the coffee leaves our roastery, responsibility for brewing a great cup of coffee transfers to you. The right equipment will help you brew a great cup of coffee.

From identifying equipment options through to supplying and setting-up your equipment, we are able to support your company's coffee needs.

We can also set up a maintenance program for you so that every cup of coffee comes out perfect every time, the way it was intended.


We can help train & educate your staff on your coffee program, general coffee knowledge, as well as, how to consistently brew quality coffee for your customers.

To learn more about wholesale coffee options for your company, please call Bill at 403.630.6568 or connect via email at billbusst@rithetcoffee.com.