about us

In the spring of 2018, having always enjoyed drinking great coffee, Kate Hutchinson & Bill Busst decided to start their own coffee company, roasting specialty coffee beans from around the world. 

The exercise of brainstorming a name for the company proved more complex than the process of selecting, blending, sampling, & refining our core coffee blends. After contemplating over 200 potential names for our company & spending a frustrating month reflecting upon those names, a shared bottle of wine would help find inspiration and ultimately our name; Rithet Coffee Company.

Robert Paterson Rithet

Our namesake, Robert Paterson Rithet, Kate's great-great-great grandfather was born in 1844 in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. In 1862, Rithet immigrated to Canada, ending up in Victoria, British Columbia mining for gold and working on road building projects in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. For a more extensive biography of R.P. Rithet, click here.

Over time, the Rithet surname became extinct. One of the middle names Kate's parents gave her was 'Rithet' (the other was 'Joy').

Rithet Coffee Company is a passion-project for us. We are learning everyday about what it takes to grow, source, roast and brew great coffees. We look forward to you joining us on our journey.

our logo

Rithet Coffee Company

Those familiar with Victoria may have walked past the building illustrated in our logo. Located at 1117-1125 Wharf Street, the Rithet Building is a three story building that has been said to be the finest example of West Coast iron frontages. The building, incorporating the Italianate style of architecture, was built in stages from the early 1860s through to the late 1880s. 




The logo also incorporates a Scottish thistle, Scotland's national flower. Throughout Scotland, the Scottish thistle represents bravery, devotion, durability, strength, and determination. These are all traits found in Robert Paterson Rithet and traits we strive to uphold at Rithet Coffee Company.